My name is Susan Beall. After college, I chose to work in Marketing and Design at Seiko Watches in Austin, Texas. It was here that I established an early foundation for design through drafting, attention to detail, and deeper understanding of arrangements amid my two years with the company. As well during that time, I expanded a love for travel, new cultures, and a widening view of the world. I set a lifetime goal for myself to travel to every state in the U.S. and every continent on the planet. Of course, such a desire would require locating an avenue to fund my goals and I decided to invest in an aviation education. I started flying small airplanes in 1999 and worked diligently to ascend the levels from student pilot to flight instructor, and finally commercial airline pilot. My flying career carried me all over North America and I was certainly making progress on some of those traveling goals!


Amidst the piloting career, I was lucky enough to meet and marry my husband. We would feed our common passion for travel together, but quite serendipitously discovered that we derived great enjoyment from working on home design. I had previously hatched an affinity for this type of design on Avenue F in Austin, Texas and further developed that excitement with my husband on a cottage in the heart of Edgewater, Colorado. While he still spent most days as a commercial pilot, there was plenty of room to work creativity alongside me. Together we have remodeled, gutted, rebuilt and resold several projects in Northwest Denver. We have also conversely worked to purely design and finish some of the newly built homes that present brilliant blank slate opportunities. I use my eye for design and he has undertaken the brunt of the labor involved with transforming my concepts into reality. Over time, we have established a wonderful circle of contractors and trusted advisors that are tried and true.


The innovative side of my brain is feeding my enthusiasm for this exciting design career. Lifetime learning keeps me passionate; and life's adventures, laughter and (not surprisingly) travels continuously fuel my creativity. All of that allows me to keep immersed in the latest concepts of this evolving field. I constantly work to improve my skills and knowledge and am presently focused on acquiring experience in the art of upholstery-- it is quite challenging and rewarding.


My personal style is in tune with the lively city of Denver as it continues to grow. Our constant rays of sunshine inspire me and I feel fortunate to reside in Colorful Colorado. I strive to design with the thought of transcendent trends while retaining a long lasting presence throughout the coming years. To sum it up, my design aesthetic is best described as warm, modern and timeless with fuzzy edges.


As we work together, we will define and refine your project to pinpoint the root of your style. The focus is to remain genuine to you. I promise to deliver an authentic and unique vision as inspired by your direction. We will start with a concept and then launch into realization, construction and completion.




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