I offer a complimentary Initial Design meeting. This allows us to meet, walk through your home and come up with a broad plan to put us on course. This approach seems to affords the most flexibility and versatility as we work to fully understand the scope of your project. I am happy to customize a Design Level that works for you, your project and your budget.



Design & Color Consultation

This type of project usually requires approximately 2-3hours.  This will help you to kick your design project into gear.  The main focus is to gather ideas and create a roadmap for achieving your goals.  I will provide paint color guidance, furniture layout suggestions, accessorizing tips as well as organizational and overall design advice.  After meeting, I will provide with you a written plan that includes all of the information above in a portfolio format for your use.


Project Consultation

This is a multi-hour agreement that consists of any consulting you need regarding your design. This includes CAD design, shopping trips, multiple room design guidance, limited project management, vendor reviews & hiring. This is a perfect level if you are looking for furniture, accessories, color, wallpaper, fireplace revamp, lighting & other smaller scale projects.


Residential Design Agreement & Project Management

This is the service level that you will need if you are planning a Kitchen, Bathroom, Entire House, Basement or Additions. After your initial complementary consultation, we will meet again to discuss your project, determine the scope of work how we would plan to move forward.  After this meeting, I will provide you with 2 to 3 main design ideas.  We will work on the design until you are happy.  I will then provide a design proposal based on the scope of work and include an estimate of hours for each phase of design.

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